What is Internet Marketing?

The concept and definition of Internet marketing has emerged together with the evolution of internet. Nevertheless, several authors defined Internet marketing in different ways but same perspective as it is realized from various existing literatures. Internet marketing is a process of trading products and services through internet.

Internet marketing can be defined as: The process of building and maintaining customer relationships through online activities to facilitate the exchange of ideas, products and services that satisfy the goals of both buyers and sellers.

Others also defined Internet marketing or internet-based marketing as: The use of internet and internet related digital technologies to achieve marketing objectives and support the modern marketing concept.

They further noted that the term ‘internet marketing’ has an alternative term which is e- marketing or electronic marketing which tends to refer to an external perspective of how internet can be used in conjunction with traditional media to acquire and deliver services to customers.

E-commerce on the other hand is another term often used in a similar context to internet marketing but with broader perspective. According to Wilsona & Abel (2002), e-commerce is defined as “the use of electronic media such as the Internet to transact business”.

E- commerce is “the exchange of information across electronic networks, at any stage in the supply chain, whether within the organization, between business, consumers public and private sector whether paid or unpaid”.

A company that is using e- commerce to sell products, services and information would set-up an interactive website for its users.

The site would offer all the same information as the ‘‘brand building’’ website, but, in addition, it would allow users to purchase products, services or information online.

This type of website provides for payment of purchases online and set up of product delivery either electronically (if the product is digital) or through traditional delivery methods such as mail, FedEx or UPS (Wilsona and Abel, 2002).

The internet has become very significant now because it is a major form of communication and information dispersion tool in an organization. It gives a better corporate image while at the same time it can be used as a marketing tool. As a marketing tool, internet gives wide coverage to reach potential client, better and quick information gathering and probably the cheapest way to sell their product